the Happy Trick
The performer plucks an invisible particle from a spectators sleeve, tosses it toward a bright yellow cord and a glimmering white disc appears!
  The disc is removed from the cord and tossed upwards, vanishing into thin air!
 Another invisible particle is plucked from a spectators shirt sleeve, again tossed at the cord, another glimmering white disc appears on the cord!
 Next the disc is removed from the cord and placed in the performers left hand on top of the cord...."I will attempt to magically pass the disc onto the cord!"....
  An Unexpected surprise takes place ....The disc has completely vanished!
The performer removes another disc from his pocket and threads the cord through ....Zap Right Thru The Cord ! ..... for the grand finale everyone is asked to smile! The disc is snapped and morphs into a bright yellow smiley face!!!! ....then placed on his shirt for display!

INCLUDES: Quality Custom Discs, Neon  Cord, Pocket Magnet, Drawstring Bag, Gimmick & Download Video Instructions
$25.00 Free USA Shipping