Al Bach & James Carter
               Hosting The "WARPED SPATIAL PERCEPTION" Online Video Contest
                      1st Place Winner Prizes:
$100 Cash & A List of Magic Product Prizes Will Be Listed Soon
TO ENTER: You must submit a request to be in the contest, you will then receive a download link to Al Bach's 1st video of "Warped Spatial Perception" this will be a model to work from, the download includes the performance and method. 

RULES: Gimmicks are allowed, body attachment thread etc.. allowed, a climax ending is allowed, example a large lock, a large key.
Routine must have a "Flurry Type look as in Al's video. Feel free to add cool sound effects to your video, there are royalty free sites where you can buy sound effects for a few dollars. You can do slow motion if you perform a segment that way.
NO cheating on the video, editing removing nano a second, cuts etc.... Must be filmed with one continuous running video camera.
If the judges feel any video tampering was performed in a cheating sense, the video will be held in question and possibly rejected.

VIDEO CONTEST will be judged by James Carter & Tomaso